Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go, JB!!

This video was actually meant for the family blog, but what the heck. Future Guam star right here (in my head, at least). He's #17, by the way.

Monday, March 21, 2011

4 Days Till THE Day.

I'm seriously trying not to freak out. I have a bit of anxiety going on when I focus on "the day", so I try not to, but it's coming down to prep time.

I have put in the miles. I didn't train to break any records, but I want to finish this marathon strong (no  crawling or stopping to lay in fetal position in the bushes). My 20 miler felt pretty steady. Did have a bit of fatigue, but I was finishing each mile on an incline. The marathon course looks to be flat for majority of the 2nd half, yay! One foot in front of the other.

The biggest reason for my anxiety is that I've been sick these last couple weeks before the race. I didn't run at all last week (except during a soccer game). I'm on antibiotics right now and these suckers are wrecking havoc on my gut. I don't know how I'm retaining any needed nutrients, and this run's going to be pretty bare minimum in support from race coordinators, which means that I may not have the luxury of a port-a-potty at every water stop. I'm tempted to stop taking them right now just to get my stomach settled.

As for prepping for the day, I have had offers from friends to be at certain stops to provide support in special fluids, shot bloks, and/or food. My husband will be home with the kids until the time I am expected to finish, which is when he'll be at the finish with the kids and  the camera. I'm terrible about accepting help from people, but it would help a ton to have a few bananas and bloks littered throughout the course. I dunno. Trying to get over my issue with receiving help just to ease the stress a little. I'll mull over that a for a couple more days.

Not as simple as showing up 10 minutes before a 5k on an empty stomach after a night a wine and heavy foods, for sure. Soon as I finish this up, I'll meditate a little, then pull up the race course to map out pit stops and research some tips for a quality marathon experience. A tiny little EEK right here. Just a tiny one.

As far as my 1000 mile goal, I'm going with my dailymile record of: 293. 707 more to go.