Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Working On My Fitness!

Yes, yes, I'm working on my marathon report, I promise. I better hurry up before I forget the details! Old fart memory and all.

I'm still recovering from it almost two weeks out. I stupidly played soccer only a week after that run. I was still feeling a bit of pain in the right calf, and I went and aggravated it to the point where it feels worse than it did while I was running. Now I'm unable to walk without pain, which means running again for at least another week it out. 

Instead I've picked up on my in home workouts again. I normally do quite a bit of work on the upper body and core muscles for the amount of pushing around I have to do on the soccer field. That was shelved during the marathon training simply because I was too tired to do anymore than run.  Man, starting back at square one was painful. Push ups on the knees, and quivering abs at number 10, hoi! The two videos I'm using are:

Jillian is such a bully that I am motivated by the sheer pleasure of meeting her challenges to get through the video. I have yet to feel confident enough to move to level 2 though. I'm still knocking myself around with the kettle bell. Once I feel like I control it instead of it controlling me, I'll stick to level 1.

Guillermo from the Hardcore Kickbox Circuit is so gangsta in the way he moves around, with his beautiful hair and the dip of a shoulder when he walks, he has my full attention. All that and his lovely Hispanic accent make working through this video tolerable. I kick and punch like a girl, but I definitely feel the burn with this workout.

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, Recovering & The Next Challenge, I'm getting myself fit for the rigors of P90X, which will be ordered here shortly (Dang, it's not cheap!). Hopefully I won't injure myself with the kettle bell, or round house myself in the head and get a concussion before it arrives.

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