Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The best thing...

...I can do for this training is to not play the football until after the Koko Half. Every time I play during the weekend it takes me till Wednesday to recover. My training runs suffer. My head hurts, my lungs feel shrunken, my heart rate is out of whack, everything is stiff from my neck to the arches of my feet. The runs are off pace by a good 45 seconds per mile and every single mile is painful. It sucks.

The problem is I feel terrible about not being there for my team and our sponsor. Even when I'm in bed sick, I feel horrible if I'm not on the field helping out. Every time I say I'm going to take a break to focus on something else, I get drawn in. I'm weak and don't know how to say "no".

7-a-side starts this Sunday. *sigh*

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