Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm too nice sometimes...

So I have this new running partner. I see a whole lot of potential in her, especially seeing that she's bumped up her miles comfortably since we've started running together. Problem is, she's rotating out in December. Son of a $&(&#$! Typical. I always meet a fabulous person to lose them shortly after.

Anyway, she's a total runner and doesn't even know it. She even pushes a super cute little girl in a double jogger and can hang at a good pace. So, today we did a 9 miler and she's on the edge of signing up to do the Koko Half Marathon. The one I'm looking to kick some major PR ass in. She's worried that she wouldn't be able to hang, but I KNOW she can and that's where I'm near throwing my goal out the window. I am tempted to tell her that I'll run with her instead of trying to achieve a new PB. DAMN MY KIND HEART!


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