Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Family Affair

I think it's natural to want your kids to enjoy your hobbies as much as you do, so I'm always trying to find stuff we can all do together.

Hash running for adults is pretty wild and inappropriate, so I don't do them. You pretty much run, booze, and flash your boobs. Don't take my word for this. Just what I've heard. You also get fabulous hash names like "Tampon". I'd totally be game if I wasn't such a prude. They run trails and often at night! How cool is that? Being a shy one though, I have yet to participate in a hash run.

They do, however, hold family hashes. These welcome children with two legs and four (pet doggies!). Courses of different levels of difficulty are offered from stroller to long. The kids loves this! My boy takes off with the big kids and adults for the long course and Mia and I take the stroller course as I am usually the stroller, as you can see in the picture.

The family hash is pretty much like the adult hash where you have "hares" you chase on a marked course. These markings are usually shredded paper or cooking flour. Now, I'm not seasoned in this, so I'm not 100% clear on the how-to's, but with it mostly being held on off-road courses, you help each other out by shouting out "ON ON" when you see piles of shredded paper or flour, or "ON ON ARROW" when you see them with an arrow marking a change in direction. At family hash there is nothing cuter than a 3 year old hollering "ON ON" with authority. Mia refused, but she traipsed like a good little hasher through the boonies until there was too much mud, of course. Can't muss up the cute socks, you know. That's when the Mama has to get her weight training on and heft the diva on her back. LOL at my camel pack pulling in all kinds of directions. The ship that was my dignity sailed off long ago without me.

In the end, my kids are not afraid of getting a little sweaty and dirty as a family on a Sunday afternoon, and I may just be planting a seed that will blossom into a love of the outdoors with a side of physical fitness.

I think I may have found the mark where the kids will take off in healthy directions in their lives without me. ON ON!!

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