Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Adios, 2010. Welcome, 2011.

Ah, the giddiness and fresh "new sheets" smell of a new year. Gives me hope where the end of the previous year leaves me despairing over accomplishments unachieved.

This will be the first time ever I will be putting another hobby before football. As I get older, I realize that the rigors of my beloved sport will not be kind to my aging joints. While football leaves me recovering for days after a match, running is always gentle and kind to me. I am at the point in my athletic life where gentle and kind are preferred.

My goals for the new year are to run my first full marathon and run 1000 quality miles. I have some doubters, and pshawers, but they just fuel my desire to accomplish them.

Today, 1/1/11, I ran the first 6 miles of my 1000 mile goal. Felt like shit, but got'er done. Bring on the remaining 994 miles. At this point, strong mentally and in the lungs, but the arches and achilles tendon in the left leg aren't at 100%. I'm hoping new, properly fitting shoes and losing about 10 more pounds will help.

Bring it, 2011.

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