Monday, January 17, 2011

Yes, I am!

When I first told family and friends that I  wanted to run my first full marathon, they looked at me like I had a 3rd eye, or ask "why the hell would you WANT to do that?". Periodically since the announcement, if I mentioned getting a run in for "training" I usually get the "are you REALLY going to run that marathon?". I'd hear so much doubt, and sometimes disgust, that my answers were usually along the lines of, "yeah, I'd like to if I can", or "I think so". Started to second guess myself and abilities. I get little support beyond my husband and kids, so committing to the training was an effort for the first couple months. I messed with the schedule to work it around having fun, and missed a couple long runs. That hadn't helped my already weakening resolve to meet this goal.

This past week though has been impressive for me. I followed the schedule after a week off, and I found myself more committed than I was the very first week I had started this training. On Saturday's long run of 12 miles, the weather was crap, I got nervous not seeing many runners out, but I forged on. I shushed the whiny sloth within as I stomped to my starting spot and warmed up. As soon as I trotted off, I felt a surge in self confidence. At that moment, I knew that I had the discipline and determination to finish the 2nd half of this training, and eventually have a decent go at my first ever full marathon. Ask me now if I'm REALLY going to run it. I will tell you with confidence, "Yes, I am!".

50 miles down. 950 more to go of my 1000 mile goal.

Oh, let me tell you. I will not forget to use this product EVER again on any run longer than 10 miles. My chest is very angry that I did this past weekend. Also, will need to find new jog bras that fit better with less bulky seams around the edges where this product should have been applied. Lady runners, I know you feel me!

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