Monday, January 31, 2011

Esta gui!!

I'm still here, and I've been running my butt off, literally! Seriously. I need to get some new, smaller underwear, ha!

Last I updated I was at 50 miles down. I added 61 more miles since then with two of those runs surpassing my longest run of 13.1 miles. I'm totally amazed at myself. This past Sunday I ran 15. I never, ever before envisioned myself running a 1/2 marathon, let alone anything longer than that. Not only did I run it, I ran it in pain for the 1st 4 miles.

The course had a steep uphill climb about a 1/4 of a mile into it. I took it on hard and ended up setting fire to both achilles tendons, and my left ankle. That pain stuck with me for a full 2 miles. At the stop lights I took advantage of the wait by stretching. After hitting two miles, I thought I was in the clear until the arch in my left foot started to hurt and swelled making it feel like I was running with stuffing in my shoe. Then, it just went numb. It's the oddest feeling in the world running with a numb foot, I'll tell you. I was worried about striking the ground funny and taking a spill. Thankfully, that only lasted another couple of miles.

Aside from the 10 laps I had to do at a track, which nearly drove me insane (can't stand running in circles), the rest of the run was pretty comfortable. I actually felt encouraged about my possible success in the full marathon, which for me would be finishing it, running the full distance.

This weekend we've got a 16 miler. I don't fear it so much after the 15 miler since at the end of it I felt I could have run on a little longer. My only problem is I have been running the long runs at night and it's been taking away precious time from the family and home. My intention this weekend is to wake up super early Saturday morning and get it done before the family has time to miss me. I pray my will is strong enough to do that.  Today's the first run of the week of 4 miles. I remember when I used to groan at running 4 miles thinking it was soooo long. Now they feel like walks in the park.

111 miles down of 1000 mile goal. 889 left to go.


  1. Wow!!!!! Way to go!!! My husband is gone for the month and the running suffering! I need to get up there and catch up with you!!!

  2. Girl, I know your situation. I don't do a whole lot when the husband is deployed. Don't even care. I'm in survival mode with kids and house, haha! You'll find your groove again!