Monday, July 16, 2012

Cross Training

So, I'm kind of cross training for both running and triathlons, but since the next race will be a 1/2 marathon, the focus will be on that.

I will continue to swim at least twice a week. I have found it to be a very relaxing, overall work out for the muscles. I also find the pressure of water to be a sort of mini massage on the cheap. It's quite the workout for my upper body, most especially, which will help me maintain good form during my runs.
Cycling is something I kind of enjoy. Mostly the mountain kind, but it has helped to strengthen my lower body as long as I do mostly hills. This I will likely do 1 to 2x a week, but it is not a priority. It's a focused workout that I don't like, but it will help both my running and triathlon efforts by giving me some strong glutes and quads.
Today's training consisted of a 1500M swim that took me 41 minutes and 39 long seconds. Just a shade quicker than the usual. Ack. Dunno when I'll bring that time anywhere near below two minutes per 100M. Waiting for my swim instructor to get back to help me with that.

Before that I got in a very uncomfortable 3 mile run on the treadmill. Every dang Sunday lately I get my ass kicked. I've got turf burns on my elbows, and some kind of weird calf injury. Someone missed the ball completely with the TOE and got my calf. It's a small spot of very intense pain!

I'm hoping the rest of the week's training will be more comfortable. I'd stop the co-ed master's soccer games if the team owner wasn't a friend. It's just a weekly beat down, as far as I'm concerned.

Happy Monday!

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