Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Training Day 1

Speed work day. Did it on a treadmill to force myself to hold the pace. 400x5 at a 5k pace with walking/light running in between. Warmed up for 800 at 10:00, then bumped up to 8:34. Alternated between 8:34 and 10:00, with 10:00 be rest. For the last one I bumped it up to 7:30 for the kick.

The gym staff seemed impressed with and amused by my training today. Me running at anything below 9:00 is probably pretty comical. I make a pace faster looking than it would for a tall person with my short legs, and I'm sure I look pretty constipated when I'm focused. As I said my goodbyes I got "you go, girl!" and "YEAH!" in return, haha!

Tomorrow a straight up 3 mile run and strength, which is perfectly timed with my P90X workout.

Off we go!

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