Sunday, March 14, 2010

GRC's 2010 Running Schedule

I'm going to knock out the rest of this year. I've had it with my lazy ways.  I haven't had a good run in ages, and I'm forgetting what it feels like to run further than from the car to the front door of Pattaya Restaurant.  I'm turning a year older here real quick (Damn!), and I haven't run to compete since some slackish flat, 5k. earlier this year. First up, I need to find a team for the Perimeter Relay coming up April 24th. 
Update: Tracy and I will put a team together if GEAR isn't the same weekend, which she'll be competing in. She's way ahead of me with her "bucket list". 

I don't know how I'm going to find any time to train for it with John gone.  I'm hoping today I can ask my Dad to watch the kids while I just run down his road and back for 30 minutes.  I haven't run in so long, I don't even want to guess how few miles will be run in that time, but I need to start today maybe tomorrow (because I'm freaking tired), even if I crawl it.
Guam Running Club Schedule 2010

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