Thursday, March 18, 2010

Make Mama proud, Juventus!

My beloved plays Fulham tonight, and they are down to their 3rd string for defense.  Let's hope it's true that Fulham is a more defending team than a scoring one.  Go, Juve!

Ran 3.5 on the treadmill.  It kicked my ass and my legs are so stiff now that I'm walking around looking like I have a stick up my butt.  My 5k portion I did in 31:20.  I started off pretty slow hoping to be content with a slow long run, but running slow makes it take longer!  I sped it up to finish the 3.1 pretty quickly then gimped the rest of it.

Sat in on the women's league meeting for Tracy tonight.  Futsal starts April 9th, and I'm not all that excited.  We have a kabillion players and I always feel bad about anyone sitting out very long.  I want to sit out the rest of this season and just enjoy the co-ed league.  I guess we'll see who commits first.

I'm tired.

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