Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love Kontendas!

So, I'm back at Kontendas and I was reminded of why I'm a member of that gym.  It's the only place where your well behaved kid is welcome and is allowed to play at the basketball court while he waits for you to finish your workout.  I love them, and I love the McCreadies.

I started day one of my training for the Perimeter Relay.  3.1 miles in 32:20.  Holy shit, that's slow.  It didn't hurt though, and I felt "good", which means my arms weren't flailing wildly, and I didn't have that gangtsa gait by 20 minutes into the run.

My soccer team gave me a $100 gift card for GPO (I love those girls!), and what fabulous timing because I absolutely need a new pair of runners. The support is worn out in my current ones.

The over 35 co-ed leagues starts April 24th and our team looks to be pretty competitive.  It's also got all the boys from the previously banned "Rowdies" team, so it should be interesting.  I have a feeling Kyung and I will be playing 5th and 6th officials to keep our team from getting banned.  Oh, well.  Always a good time when you have to peel 6', 250 pound "Miles" off of the referees.  Oh, special!  I just realized that both the relay and the first game is on the same day!  Thank God John will be home by then because I'll be comatose at the end of that day.

3.1 miles down, 29420398727 more to go.

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