Friday, March 19, 2010

I don't wanna talk about it.

My beloved got their asses handed to them in a carry on to take home as a parting gift.  I'm too bummed to talk about it.

Hit the gym today for a light workout to rest my lower legs.  I did a 10/10/3.5/10, which was 10 on the treadmill, 10 on the elliptical, 3.5 on the stairmaster (until it dumped my ass off because I couldn't work it out), and then 10 frustrated minutes on the treadmill again.  Light cardio focus. I was going to run hard again to work off the pork adobo I ate for lunch, but I didn't feel like it.  I'm moody like that.

John comes home on the 28th, woo hoo!  Single parenting is not for the weak, so it's not for me.  These kids are running my ass ragged.  I need to tap out!  I can't wait till he gets home.  I talked to him tonight and told him that as soon as he gets here, the littlest one is all his to boss him around.  I'm so done with that.  She's cute as heck, but boy she's got 'tude!  I'm hoping this week will fly right by.

Tomorrow will be pretty relaxed here at home, then Sunday I'm hoping to catch a co-ed pickup game.  I miss those.  I love playing against guys and getting pushed to my limits.  Nothing like feeling as if you dropped your lungs somewhere on the pitch.  Crossing my fingers Papa will sit for a couple hours so I can get my football fix.

The end.

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