Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I be slackin'!

Alright, alright.  I'll fess.  I've been lazy since John got back.  It's so nice to see him though.  I've missed him and have been enjoying his company, which means I've been sleeping in and lounging while he takes care of business, haha!

Anyway, I did get a very thorough workout on Sunday with the pick up gang, then I had practice for the Marianas Cup on Monday.  Yesterday and today though were crap.  Yesterday we looked at a new car and then ate at Chili's.  John and the kids had fajitas and pizza while I ate $5 special margaritas.  Yum-o!

  Today we picked up our new Mazda 5. We celebrated with a bottle of wine (for me) and a drive around the southern end of the island (John drove, promise!).

Back on track tomorrow, I pinky swear.  Either a 5 miler or the gym.  I need BOTH to work off today's meals.  I had the most fabulous local meal at lunch. Stuffed crabs and canned sardines cooked in coconut milk with lots of green and red healthy stuff.  YUM.

For dinner I made the most awesome chicken enchiladas this end of Guam.  They are delicious, but chock full of everything I try to avoid on the daily.

I'll be back to tell you just how hard I worked to earn such diet devastating meals.  Peace out.  One love.

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